Winning combinations online course

Winning combinations online course

Target groups: physicians, O&P professionals and rehab technicians, therapists, schools and universities, after-sales service

Duration: approx. 1 hour

After taking this online course, you will understand the significance of the interrelationship between the liner material, suspension system and individual patient characteristics. You will learn about the decision criteria for application recommendations and how to justify which combinations of a suspension system and liner material constitute a “winning combination” and which do not.

Module 1: Introduction
This online module provides an overview of the challenges associated with the socket fitting and how the right combination of a suspension system and liner material contributes to controlling movement in the socket.You will learn why the requirements differ between transfemoral and transtibial fittings.
Duration: 10 minutes

Module 2: Suspension systems
In this online module, you will learn about the various Ottobock suspension systems.You will learn about the liner material requirements defined by the properties of the respective suspension system.
Duration: 15 minutes

Module 3: Liner materials
In this online module, you will learn more about the various Ottobock liner materials and their specific properties.
Duration: 10 minutes

Module 4: The right fitting
This online module tells you which application recommendations are determined by the specific properties of suspension systems and liner materials for transfemoral and transtibial fittings.This module can also serve as a reference for “winning combinations”.
Duration: 25 minutes

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