C-Leg 4 - E-Learning

This online course provides you with an overview of the C-Leg 4. You will know more about the components, how to align and adjust C-Leg 4 with C-Soft Plus and the user-relevant features of C-Leg 4.

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Course overview

1. C-Leg 4 | Introduction - Start training
In this module you will learn about the features, functions and benefits of the C-leg 4.
2. C-Leg 4 | Component selection - Start training
This module provides an overview of the components of the C-leg 4.
3. C-Leg 4 | Adjustment with C-Soft Plus - Start training
In this module you will learn how to use C-Soft Plus to align the C-Leg 4 and how to adjust it to the patient's needs.
4. C-Leg 4 | User instructions - Start training
In this module you will get an overview of user-relevant information and features of the C-Leg 4.

C-Leg 4 - Fitting

Watch the videos to learn more about the prosthetic alignment with C-Leg 4 and the use of C-Soft.


C-Leg 4 - Therapy and training

The following videos demonstrate the training fundamentals with microprocessor controlled knee joints with the C-Leg 4.