Choosing the right foot for your patients

More than a foot. A foundation.

Each user is different and each user has different individual habits, preferences and goals. To make sure that you can achieve the best possible fitting outcome for your patients, our extensive foot portfolio offers a wide range of options to choose the right solution that best suits your patients individual wishes and needs.

Whether you’re fitting an above or below knee amputee, the quality and performance of the whole prosthesis will be impacted by the quality and performance of the foot. That’s why we at Ottobock believe the foot plays such a vital role.

It’s more than just a component.
It’s a foundation.

Individual steps with carbon feet

Users have their individual habits and preferences, and every step has its own personality. From feet for less active individuals to highly active individuals: The lightweight carbon fiber feet portfolio meet the functional needs across the whole spectrum of individuals.


Intelligent prosthetic feet

Advanced microprocessor controlled foot technology allows users to adopt lifestyles with few restrictions. Intelligently adopting to differing speeds, comfortable sitting with a more natural foot position and adapt to changing terrains and everyday situations are users benefits of the technology.


Active with sport prosthesis

Some people engage in sports to become more active; others want to increase their level of fitness, and others simply enjoy moving around or having fun with other people. Ottobock offers individual running prosthesis systems that provide a high level of functionality and are comfortable to wear.


Discover the Taleo product family

Ready for everyday life with Taleo prosthetic feet

The prosthetic feet of the Taleo product family feel comfortable, so active users can manage life completely on their own terms. They feature smooth rollover, and their efficient energy return supports a dynamic gait. In doing so, the Taleo prosthetic feet adapt flexibly to each user’s individual gait characteristics and various surfaces.

Highlighted additions to the prosthetic foot portfolio

We have expanded our portfolio in the prosthetic foot segment and can offer an even greater selection of prosthetic feet.

Kintrol - Hydraulic ankle for increased stability

The Kintrol is designed to provide less active to moderately active users with the comfort and control they demand. It features 12-degree Range of Motion, which mean increased ankle movement for a more natural gait. A perfect combination with the Kenevo knee joint.


Runway - With adjustable heel height

Amputees greatly value the versatility offered by the Runway. Its anatomical gliding ankle maintains appropriate foot alignment to provide knee stability and consistent performance at all heel heights. The easy heel-height adjustment from 0 to 5 cm allows users to wear different shoes depending on the activity.


Freestyle Swim - For swimming enthusiast users

Go from walking to swimming with the simple push of a button on the Freestyle Swim Foot. A single adjustment moves the ankle from a 3/8″ (10 mm) heel height setting for walking to 70° plantar flexion for swimming. No tools required!


Our carbon foot portfolio

  1C30 Trias 1C50 Taleo 1C68 Triton side flex
Secure as expected. Ready for everyday life. Your will. Your way.
User profile Designed for moderately active individuals who navigate indoor and familiar outdoor environments and place a high value on consistent stability when walking. Designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them. Designed for highly active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on uncompromised response and control even when performing high-impact activities.
Main characteristics
  • Soft rollover for easy movement at slow to moderate walking speeds
  • The right amount of energy for moderate activities
  • Supports controlled movements across stable terrain
  • Smooth rollover for effortless walking
  • Energy efficient walking for a variety of activities
  • Supports dynamic movement even on uneven ground
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Unique side-to-side flexibility of +/- 10° while walking and standing, including on uneven surfaces
  • High energy return for every adventure
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
Mobility grade MG2, MG3 MG3, MG4 MG3, MG4
Max. body weight max. 125 kg max. 150 kg max. 125 kg

Compare our entire carbon foot portfolio

You choose the right foot for your patients, we provide the options. Click here to access Ottobocks carbon foot portfolio overview. more

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Your patients can now try a carbon foot from Ottobock for 60 days, without any costs or commitments. Simply order the foot the regular way and if the user is satisfied: Keep walking on it!


Learn more about Triton side flex

The Triton side flex prosthetic foot sets standards by offering additional side-to-side flexibility via its unique m-l unit. Watch our educational videos to learn more about the biomechanic reasoning behind the foot, the alignment procedure and footshell in a nutshell.


Danny with his Maverick Comfort AT

Additional prosthetic foot options

Less active to moderately active usersActive to highly active usersSpecial requirements

The foot with powered propulsion

The Empower microprocessor foot is equipped with an active ankle joint, making it the only prosthesis with powered propulsion. This unique feature gives the foot an active drive, which provides high-energy support for every step.

Learn more about the real-time in the foot and discover what the new Empower features in the below video.

Our mechatronic foot portfolio

  1B1-2 Meridium 1A1-2 Empower
Explore new paths. Restore your power.
User profile Designed for moderately active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on intuitive adaptation that replicates natural movement. Designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on the ability to cover longer distances and walk at a higher walking speed.
Main characteristics
  • Thanks to the movability in the ankle, midfoot and toe section, a more natural gait is achieved
  • Stability and control on nearly every type of terrain thanks to a wide range of motion and complete real-time adaption
  • Comfortable sitting and more natural foot position thanks to relief function
  • Changing shoes is easy with the help of the automatic heel height adjustment
  • When descending stairs a secure full foot step contact is possible
  • Emulates lost muscle function by actively supplying energy at toe off
  • Active plantar flexion during loading of the limb provides extra comfort when walking and increased stability when walking downhill on slopes
  • Taleo Low Profile base spring for smooth rollover and optimal adaptation to varying ground conditions
  • Relief function for a more natural appearance when sitting and relief of residual limb
Mobility grade MG2, MG3 MG3, MG4
Max. body weight max. 125 kg max. 130kg

Warranty and service support

The Ottobock warranty packages make life easier for you and your users. You no longer have to deal with submitting cost estimates or deadline enquiries.


Clinical evidence

Find out more about the clinical studies of Empower and Meridium. Visit the page for all of Ottobocks lower limb prosthetic studies.


Meridium educational videos

Heel Height Adjustment, MyModes for special types of movement and safety mode. Watch video to learn more about the adjustment of the Meridium with M-Soft.


Our sports foot portfolio

  1E91 Runner 1E95 Challenger
Set the pace. Get in the game.
User profile Designed for everyone who wants to use the same running blade that even elite athletes use. Designed for everyone who participates in recreational sports while performing agile and powerful movements.
Main characteristics
  • Powerful drive and stable turning characteristics for running
  • Dynamics of the running blade can be adjusted according to individual needs
  • Performance on tartan tracks or surfaces such as asphalt, hall floors and natural paths
  • High loads are cushioned when playing sports where running and jumping are involved
  • Dynamic energy return at toe off gives the needed drive
  • Heel and rollover characteristics can be individually adjusted by the user according to the sport or activity
  • Stability and control even while making fast and spontaneous movements
Max body weight max. 125 kg max. 110 kg

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Sport knee joint 3S80

The powerful rotation hydraulics of the sport knee joint 3S80 are optimised especially for running sports, offering dampening characteristics in the swing phase tailored to master even high stride rates.


ProCarve: Pure Sport

The ProCarve is a combination of sport prosthesis components for skiing and snowboarding or other sports with similar motions such as waterskiing or wakeboarding.


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