Warranty and service

In addition to warranty claims governed by law, Ottobock offer warranty and service packages with the option of an extension for selected products. Our product-specific warranty packages call for regular maintenance. This is intended to increase the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Information regarding the maintenance intervals that apply to the warranty packages is found on the respective product page and on the service card.

Product-specific guarantee packages and their conditions are developed and established in cooperation with our professional technicians.

More freedom with full mobility – Ottobock warranty packages

The Ottobock warranty packages make life easier for you and your users. You no longer have to deal with submitting cost estimates or deadline enquiries. Your users benefit from shorter wait times and comprehensive service – worldwide – with proven Ottobock quality!

Reasons for Ottobock Warranty and Service

We advise you personally on both maintenance and repairs, and assist you in case of questions and problems. Our experienced professional service technicians examine your specific reason for sending

in the product. They provide you with recommendations and information about technical updates or software updates that have been made and inform you about all measures taken. With the Ottobock warranty, your users are safe on the go and the product is always technically up-to-date.

Further information in your local language about the Ottobock warranty packages can be found in the below download section.

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