Individual projects, successfully implemented

We draw on our experience gained in over 2,600 completed projects to get the most out of your space and workflows. Groundbreaking projects incorporating innovative designs give specialist orthopaedic technology companies and workshops a modern image.

A spacious design and innovative solutions

For Heckert & van Lierop, the dream of having an open workshop as the company’s spatial concept became a reality. A workshop with an open design and rooms flooded with light was successfully built in collaboration with Ottobock | Jos America.

Various production processes are carried out in a single, large room. This also includes the waiting area so customers can watch their prosthesis or orthosis take shape.

The CEO of the orthopaedic products manufacturer is highly satisfied with the result: "The collaboration between Heckert & van Lierop and Ottobock was excellent," says Huub Lucassen.

An open workshop with maximum efficiency

The new architecture has resulted in very efficient workflows for Heckert & van Lierop. The facilities and products are perfectly coordinated with each other, and workbenches are made to measure.

Noise reduction and vapour extraction further ensure a healthy and clean working environment. Thanks to the central Vacuum V80HC dust and chip extraction system, so little dust accumulates in the workplace that even the glass walls remain clean.